Our Values

  • The underpinning philosophy of our values is found in the title of our product ‘’Walk in the Way of Love”. In all our thoughts and actions, we will follow Gods example and Walk in the Way of Love – just as Christ demonstrated His sacrificial love for us.

This means that we will:

  •  seek out opportunities to show that our actions are motivated by our desire to selflessly serve others and not ourselves.
  • continually work at developing and refining the key attributes of servant leadership:
    •  self-awareness,
    •  empathy
    • good stewardship of our resources o healing,
    • foresight and
    • commitment to others
  • Demonstrate our commitment to work with others to build a better world. Being mindful of our responsibilities to ensure the health and wellbeing of this and future generations by showing our love and care for the environment, the communities that we live, work and worship in, and the people that we share the planet with.
  • Living by faith – the essential tenet of which is continuously seeking the will of Christ and knowing that He will direct our steps and consequent outcomes in all things.

We value:

  • Justice and rightfulness: in a world full of injustice relating to equity, access, participation and rights, we believe in transforming lives by providing people with various disadvantages the support they need to turn their lives around.
  • Compassion: we are alert to the suffering of others and are motivated to act to relieve that suffering.
  • Integrity: the most important principle of authentic leadership – being true to ourselves, our values and our principles and doing nothing that demeans or dishonours us.
  • Equality and Inclusion: we believe as a fundamental truth that all people are created equal and that all people -regardless of gender, race, religion or belief, sexuality, age or disability – have a right to equality of opportunity. We value the multiple facets of diversity in our communities and believe that we need to understand and respond appropriately to diverse needs to create a truly fair and inclusive community.

Are you a church leader?

We at the Black Church Domestic Abuse Forum are offering training and a free toolkit on domestic abuse for church leaders

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