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The Pentecostal Credit Union (PCU) is proud to support the Black Church Domestic Abuse Forum (BCDAF)We joined forces with this powerhouse forum in 2016 and have stayed with them on their journey of deep consideration and learning to plan the creation of a toolkit – specifically and uniquely designed for Black Majority Churches – to support and enable them to make an impactful, yet considered and appropriate response to domestic abuse in their churches and in the communities where they minister.  

As a community focused financial agency, the scourge of domestic abuse is well known to PCU.  We have witnessed the devastation that it creates, and the dehumanising legacy that it leaves in families and in an individual’s personal life.  So we did not hesitate to respond when the opportunity was presented to us, and we will continue to support BCDAF in whatever way we can, as they continue on their journey of learning and discovery to continually refine and regenerate this amazing product

The Pentecostal Credit Union

October 2020

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